Principal Investigators

Arjun Sahgal MD

MD, FRCPC, Scientist


•B.Sc., 1997, faculty of science, University of Ottawa, Canada

•MD, 2001, faculty of medicine, University of Ottawa, Canada

•Resident, 2006, department of radiation oncology, University of Toronto, Canada

•Clinical fellow, 2007, department of radiation oncology, University of California, U.S.

Appointments and Affiliations:

•Scientist, Physical SciencesOdette Cancer Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute

•Staff radiation oncologist, department of radiation oncology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

•Professor, department of radiation oncology, U of T

Research Foci:

•Radiosurgery of brain and spine metastases

•Advanced imaging of brain metastases and response determination

•Spinal cord tolerance to radiation

•Vertebral compression fracture

Research Summary:

Dr. Sahgal’s research relates to his training and clinical expertise in spinal metastases, brain metastases and primary central nervous system tumours. He has expertise in the technical evaluation of radiation apparatus, and in developing and conducting clinical trials specific to brain radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy for spinal metastases.

Dr. Sahgal’s main interest is in fundamental technical research and development specific to MR-linac technology, Gamma Knife technology and the general application of stereotactic radiation. In line with high-precision radiotherapy treatments, Dr. Sahgal participates in the development of focal nonradiotherapeutic modalities for spine and brain tumours using photodynamic therapy, radiofrequency ablation and MRI-guided ultrasound.




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